At SrinSoft we provide Modern Solutions, Trusted Expertise & Lasting Impact that your business deserves!

SrinSoft, Inc. stands as the foremost independent firm in the United States providing support for System21.

What sets us apart is our Center of Excellence, staffed by highly experienced consultants, each averaging over 10 years of expertise.

This guarantees that your requests are promptly addressed by seasoned System21 experts. Unlike typical Managed Service Providers (MSPs), our dedicated group supports all versions of System21, along with any custom modifications.

Infor System21 Consulting

Our service portfolio spans the entire software development life cycle, addressing diverse business needs with recognized competencies & expertise cultivated over the past 18+ years.

1. ERP Enhancements (RPG):

We tailor your System21 application to align with current market trends, utilizing RPG for efficient ERP enhancements.

2. Green Screen, Mixed Mode, & Client/Server:

Versatility in interface options, including Green Screen, Mixed Mode, and Client/Server, ensuring optimal user experience.

3. Tool-Based Data Migrations:

Seamless data transitions are achieved through our tool-based approach, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

4. Bespoke Development & Process Management Tools:

Customized solutions and tools are crafted to address unique business requirements and streamline processes.

5. Reports/Screen Customizations:

Tailoring reports and screens to meet specific business needs, enhancing user accessibility and efficiency.

6. System21 Application Modernization:

We employ modernization techniques to keep your System21 application at the forefront of technological advancements.

7. EDI, 3PL, WMS Integration:

Facilitate seamless integration with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Third-Party Logistics (3PL), and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

8. Barcode/QR Code, Mobile/Handheld Interface:

Implementing barcode/QR code technology and mobile/handheld interfaces for efficient data management and accessibility.

9. Customized Web Portal Interface:

Crafting a personalized web portal interface tailored to your business requirements for enhanced user engagement.

10. Workflow Plug-In Tools for Process Automation:

Developing workflow plug-ins to automate processes, ensuring efficiency and reducing manual intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions about EDI Services

Users can choose from Green Screen, Mixed Mode, and Client/Server interfaces, providing versatility and ensuring an optimal user experience.

Our consulting services span the entire software development life cycle, addressing diverse business needs. From ERP enhancements to system modernization, we offer comprehensive solutions.

SrinSoft, Inc. is a leading independent firm with a Center of Excellence, boasting highly experienced consultants. We stand out by supporting all versions of System21 and offering expertise in custom modifications.