Elevating Business Communication, One Transaction at a Time.

At SrinSoft we let you step into a realm where data exchange becomes a strategic advantage, transforming the way you operate & communicate. We streamline business communication through,

  • EDI Mapping & Automation
  • EDI Testing
  • EDI Integration with Back-Office Solutions

1. EDI Mapping & Automation

EDI mapping is critical to meeting trading partner demands, eliminating manual entry, & streamlining the movement of data from front-end to back-end systems.

This is where the actual development takes place & the data from one EDI format is transformed to another format based on the documentation prepared from the scoping phase.

Different partners have different mapping requirements & changes will entirely be handled by our team of EDI experts as per new requirements identified during the testing phase.

EDI to ERP Mapping – We can help you translate your EDI data in EDIFACT, ANSI X12, OFTP2, etc. to be easily ingested to the backend systems in CSV format, txt, SAP IDoc, Flat File, XML or any other ERP-specific format.

2. EDI Testing

SrinSoft has been a forerunner in delivering quality testing services for EDI systems to global customers for more than a decade. Our immense experience in this area allows us to understand the unique requirements of individual customers & provide customized test scenarios & plans for uninterrupted business flows.

We specialize in ensuring the accuracy, reliability, & compliance of your Electronic Data Interchange processes.

What do we offer?

Ensuring EDI processes meet industry standards.

Validating Seamless flow of data between internal systems & partners.

Ensuring the system’s efficiency is not compromised with varying loads.

Ensuring new EDI systems/upgrades perform as anticipated.

A comprehensive report is generated based on the testing phase for further developments/configurations.

3. EDI Integration with Back-Office Solutions

Our EDI/B2B Integration Services ensure total control over electronic data flow, synchronized workflows, & automation.

Leveraging top communication protocols like ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, & HL7 standards, we make your EDI systems agile, cost-efficient, & reliable.

Our expertise extends to re-engineering existing EDI implementations for optimal performance, aligning with industry best practices.


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