Let us transform your future with our strategic & well-executed implementation services.

At SrinSoft, we understand that BPM platforms are catalysts for innovation and operational excellence. Our Platform Implementation Services are designed to guide you through a seamless journey of adopting and optimizing BPM solutions.

Our BPM implementations can be divided into the following phases to make the process smooth and effective:

  • Project Preparation
  • Analysis
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Commissioning

We make sure to blend these phases and are not rigidly defined, which results in each of them being equally vital to your success.

Whether you are planning a complex digitization that spans multiple departments and locations, or a testbed for a single process, we pay careful attention to avoid cutting corners or skipping steps.

Our Major Milestones in BPM Implementation Planning:

1. Identify Business Needs:

  • Engage stakeholders for diverse inputs.
  • Conduct brainstorming sessions to choose BPM software.
  • Involve technical experts and process owners.

2. Finalize the Software:

  • Navigate the crowded BPM market.
  • Choose a solution with must-have features.
  • Ensure alignment with organizational needs.

3. Validate and Test Software:

  • Test chosen software with controlled processes.
  • Begin with automating simple, manageable tasks.
  • Monitor closely, fine-tune, and scale the solution.

4. Allocate Process Owners:

  • Identify process owners for implementation.
  • Assign responsibilities for overall processes and tasks.
  • Establish a multi-owner environment for BPM success.

5. Decide Objectives and Results:

  • Define clear objectives aligned with business goals.
  • Break down objectives into smaller benchmarks.
  • Outline outcomes for different workflows.

6. Workflow Prototype:

  • Design an ideal workflow visually.
  • Outline activities, business rules, and process owners.
  • Streamline processes and plan for automation.

7. POC Built:

  • Create workflows to understand BPM impact.
  • Check processing time, data load tolerance, and output quality.
  • Resolve errors and inefficiencies before scaling.

8. Measure and Improvise:

  • Continuously monitor and measure processes.
  • Utilize BPM software's reporting and analytical capabilities.
  • Derive real-time insights for continuous improvement.

Effective BPM implementation is crucial for maximizing its impact. Our services ensure a strategic and well-executed approach to BPM platform implementation, leveraging its full potential for your organization.