Automation Testing

Strategic Test Consulting, Functional Testing helps our client to unveil the early detection of defects/issues, prevent reworks, reduce costs, mitigate risks of post-production issues

Automation Testing

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Test automation has begun to be a growingly deliberate and critical essential for today’s businesses to reduce the comprehensive cost of quality evaluation, and improve quality of software. Software applications of inferior quality can rise budget, impact returns and reputation and brand recognition becomes pessimistic. Agile establishments and products that have recurrent changes depend on test automation for improved productivity and efficiencies.

SrinSoft’s automation testing experts assist you to discover automation opportunities, design suitable automation strategies, choose right methodologies and implement appropriate tools additionally to provide the right training to your team to guarantee your automation strategy is a fortunate.

Why Test Automation?

  • Manual testing takes too long – saves effort

  • Manual processes are Eerror prone – high accuracy

  • Automation frees people to do their best work – reduces cost

  • Improves test coverage – simplifies automation

  • Automated tests give feedback, early, and often – quicker time to market

  • ROI and payback – higher ROI

How we perform Automation Testing?

  • Select right tool for automation

  • Write test scripts

  • Develop test suites

  • Scripts execution

  • Generating customized result report

  • Identify potential problems

What you get

Repeatable Accuracy

The same scripts can be run as many times as required. Our QA organization is expert in developing test suites using popular automation tools.

Simultaneous Execution

Automated testing services enables you to run the same test cycles simultaneously on various machines with different configurations.

Incredible Capability

Automated scripts can do what even a large test team cannot – simulate simultaneous work of thousand users on a site, for example.

Extended Coverage

Test Automation service increases test coverage, as during manual testing so many tests cannot be performed.

Saving Of Time

Test automation some areas leaves more time for testing other areas which can’t be automated.

No Human Factor

There is no human factor; performing thousands of complex tests the software doesn’t get tired or inattentive.

Test Automation in SrinSoft

Designing Frame Work

We are expertise in design and developing automation testing frameworks from scratch based on the business needs. Our test automation solution is robust and Agile Friendly.

Test Automation Experts

SrinSoft’s test automation specialists are greatly skilled in describing automation testing process and have a profound knowledge in admired test automation tools.

Coe – Test Automation

SrinSoft - Test Automation Center of Excellence (COE) performing various activities such as developing test automation framework, defining best practices & design patterns, evaluation over new tools and Research and Development.

Cross Browser & Devices Testing

Designing an automated script and running it against various browsers under various platforms and devices is not a trouble-free task. SrinSoft has mastered the art of creating robust automation scripts for multi-browsers & devices.

Standards & Design Patterns

We, at SrinSoft, follow common test automation standards which enables common understanding of test scripts.

Mobile Apps Test Automation

Evaluating real user situation is essential for Mobile based applications. We are specialized in IOS and Android Mobile Apps test automation using Real-Devices.

Automation Testing