Platform Integrations

At SrinSoft, Integration Services includes the Platform and API services integration, which is to design, build and implement solutions that is built-in, reusable, API based for most of the top industries in the market. We provide best practices integration that are built on custom applications.

Thus providing cost-effective and reduced complexity solutions, while we are enabling the digital transformation.

Our Expertise

  •     Integration of technologies and modernization reducing complexity
  •     Enable business platform ecosystems to orchestrate business value.
  •     Transform to enable new business ecosystems.

1. Digital Integration

Acquire scale, flexibility, and agility with our hybrid Cloud environment. Our Digital Integration service is the key to unlocking a multi-tenanted, self-serviceable integration fabric on Cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Built on a Cloud-first, API-first, and microservices-based architecture, it ensures digital readiness and can be operated through as-a-Service or hybrid models.

  • Cloud-first, API-first, and microservices-based architecture
  • As-a-Service or hybrid operation models

2. Application Integration

Run your business seamlessly by connecting all your applications across clouds, geographies, and teams. Our single platform solution boasts a single integration runtime, an AI-enhanced interface, and embeddable integration for a superior experience.

  • Single integration runtime
  • AI-enhanced interface
  • Embeddable integration
  • Smoother cloud migration

3. Data Integration

Be data-driven with analytics-ready data. Our Data Integration service delivers resilient and repeatable data pipelines that reduce costs and risks associated with data flow across the enterprise. It adapts to change, enables innovation with centralized guardrails, and simplifies complex data transformations.

  • Data integration in hybrid environments
  • Data pipelines that run anywhere
  • Automatically adapts to change
  • Enables innovation with centralized guardrails
  • Simplifies complex data transformations

4. B2B Integration

Become the preferred partner by seamlessly integrating and automating processes with suppliers, partners, and customers. Our B2B Integration service offers complete application connectivity, automated partner transactions, and a self-service portal for partner onboarding and management.

  • Complete application connectivity for B2B transactions
  • Automated partner transactions
  • Partner onboarding and management
  • Partner self-service portal
  • API-driven B2B integration
  • MFT-as-a-service

5. Cloud Integration

We connect applications, systems, and storage seamlessly between the cloud and on-premise, ensuring both security and flexibility are maintained. Our Cloud Integration service orchestrates the strategy, development, and management of integration services using partnerships with Red Hat, Dell Boomi, SAG, and MuleSoft.

  • Flawless integration of applications, systems, and storage
  • Maintains flexibility with a clear Cloud strategy
  • Orchestrates strategy, development, and management of integration services
  • Partner self-service portal
  • Partnerships with Red Hat, Dell Boomi, SAG, and MuleSoft