Business Model

SrinSoft Engagement Model

At SrinSoft, we understand that selecting the right IT engagement model is crucial for businesses to stay competitive, innovate, grow, and meet their goals.

We offer a range of engagement models tailored to fit different project requirements and objectives.

1. Fixed-Price Model:

The Fixed-Price Model is ideal when you have well-defined project requirements and a clear scope of work. With this model, project costs are determined upfront, and the execution is performed in accordance with the agreed-upon terms. Milestones are established for payment, allowing for visibility and control over project progress. In case of scope changes, a Change Management process is invoked to accommodate adjustments.


  • Clear project cost upfront.
  • Well-defined project scope and deliverables.
  • Milestone-based payments for better control.
  • Minimal project risk.

2. Time & Material Model (T&M):

The T&M Model is suitable for projects with evolving requirements and uncertain scopes. It involves billing based on the Resourcess and time spent on the project, making it flexible and adaptable to changing market trends and business priorities. This model is often used for continuous product evolution, large-scale projects, research, and consulting assignments.


  • Flexibility to accommodate evolving requirements.
  • Adaptable to changing market trends.
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization.
  • Cost transparency is based on Resources utilization.

3. Dedicated Resourcess Model (DTM):

The Dedicated Resourcess Model focuses on forming a dedicated professional team assigned to work on specific tasks or projects. This model is ideal for technically challenging projects requiring specialized expertise and skills. It provides clients with a dedicated team focused solely on project execution, offering flexibility and control over Resources allocation.


  • Access to specialized expertise and skills.
  • Dedicated team focused on project execution.
  • Flexibility and control over Resources allocation.
  • Scalability to meet project demands.

4. Managed Services:

In the Managed Services model, we take full responsibility for managing the service end-to-end. This includes staffing, infrastructure, processes, documentation, reporting, and deployment of deliverables. This model is beneficial for organizations looking to outsource software development, maintenance, or quality assurance tasks, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.


  • End-to-end management of services.
  • Access to expertise and infrastructure.
  • Reduced administrative burden.
  • Focus on core business activities.

Choose the engagement model that best suits your project requirements and objectives, and let SrinSoft handle the rest.